The 1960s teak G Plan Brasilia Range of sideboards

The 1960s teak G plan Brasilia Range of sideboards was produced circa 1964 to circa 1972 , but although often  we’d never found a name given for the range . It was only when we bought a 1968 catalogue that we discovered that G Plan had named it . The earlier catalogues that we have that show it , don’t give it a name . The sideboards aren’t given a name  in the 1966 catalogue we have , but suddenly in the 1968 one the name appears .

The Fresco Range of dining and bedroom furniture which was launched in c 1968 is well known , you’ll find lots of listings on Ebay of various pieces . However if you make a Google search for G Plan Brasilia Range all that comes up is one model of dining chair . Perhaps when G Plan launched the Fresco Range they decided they needed to give a name to the earlier model .

We hope you’ll soon see this stylish group of sideboards being described as Brasilia . We always used to call them the Gold Label model as they usually had the stamped gold G Plan mark that was used in the 1960s , although now and again you’ll find a very early 1970s G Plan silver and red label on one . It’s a much rarer design than the Fresco , and we think it’s more stylish . The build quality is always consistently good on 1960s and 70s G Plan , never changing unlike some other makers who’s standards dropped to save money in later years .