1970s Abbess teak office set . A time capsule for sale !

1970s Abbess teak office set . A time capsule for sale !

We’ve been asked to sell the contents of a Managing Directors office which has been little used . Sets like this have usually long been broken up and replaced by something more modern so this set is a rare survivor .

We’ve seen plenty of standard British teak desks , but none as smart as this with it’s woven panelled backs . Abbess were the market leader in office and school furniture in the 1950s , 60s and 70s , but much of what you’ll see is their cheaper standard ranges . This set is much more stylish and is nicely finished . The backs of the cabinets and filing drawers are all teak veneered rather than the usual plywood .

The sofa and chair are by a smaller company called Eglin who specialised in commercial upholstery . The aluminium legs are smart and we think it’s well worth having re-upholstered to meet current Fire Regulations in the UK .

None of this furniture would have been cheap at the time and as you’ll see the office was panelled in teak veneer to match . In fact not only this office , but also other parts of the building were similarly done at great expense . As the company is soon downsizing we were approached to see if we were interested in buying the furniture .

Ideally we’d hope to find a buyer for the whole suite of teak and the sofa and chair also as it would be a shame to break it up .

It would make a great TV set or an office for a lover of Mid-Century design .