Over 50 vintage teak sideboards now in stock !

Over 50 vintage teak sideboards now in stock !

We keep buying vintage teak sideboards , and love to get models that we’ve never had before .

We always aim to have one of the most varied selections of 1960s and 1970s vintage teak sideboards in the UK . So if you’re just looking for 1 sideboard or to fill a container for export we should have what you’re wanting . In 2017 we sent some 35 sideboards in 1 container to a customer in the Far East .

Naturally we have a few standard models by G Plan and McIntosh who were the largest makers of British teak dining furniture in the UK back in the day . We aim to have the best models by smaller up-market makers such as Dalescraft , Fyne Ladye Furniture and A Younger as well as cheaper brands such as Jentique , Greaves + Thomas , Austinsuite and many others .

Over the last 10 years we have bought and sold well over 1000 sideboards , and we have built up a vast knowledge of British models by many makers and designers , some of whom are still unknown . There is one top British maker whose pieces we now recognise , but have never found labelled , so as yet they’re a mystery . A separate blog is on it’s way !

We also buy and sell Scandinavian teak , so you’ll also find that we have the odd Danish , Swedish and Norwegian sideboards in our warehouse , but these like the best British ones are sometimes only listed on our WWW.PUREIMAGINATIONS.CO.UK website where we have our best pieces which are usually only offered in fully cleaned and restored condition .

At any one time we have sideboards in varying vintage condition that we can either sell ” as is ” or in restored condition . Some may be found on our 2 websites , but others are here waiting in the queue for restoration before being photographed and placed on our website .

Most British sideboards were made in standard sizes such as 6ft , 7ft , and rarer smaller ones at 5ft . Which translates  to 183cms , 213cms and 152.5cms respectively . Scandinavian ones are mainly 180cms , 200cms and 220cms . Larger models such as 8ft are very rare as are larger Danish ones but now and again we do find some . Anything smaller than 140cms whether Scandinavian or British are really hard to find as few companies made anything that small , so when they do turn up they can sometimes be more expensive than the larger versions .

Not only do we sell lots of Mid-Century British teak but we also actively research and look out for information about makers and designers , and have a large growing  collection of original vintage catalogues , some with fascinating pricelists .