Bath Cabinet Makers sideboard that gets described as Mogens Kold

Bath Cabinet Makers sideboard that gets described as Mogens Kold

Every few weeks on Ebay somebody describes this sideboard as being Mogens Kold when it’s actually by Bath Cabinet Makers ! This idea goes back about 3 or 4 years , and there are absolutely no grounds for the attribution . Firstly its illustrated in a 1968 Bath Cabinet Makers catalogue that we have , secondly we’ve had one with a BCM label on it . These labels were just stick on ones and are often absent either because a retailer didn’t want makers labels on pieces they sold or because the buyer removed them which is easy to do with the BCM ones .

What we can’t understand is how anybody ever thought this model was Mogens Kold , as it doesn’t even look like any known Mogens Kold designs that we’ve seen . Then at 198cms  it’s a typical British size as it’s exactly 6ft 6″ long , whereas most Danish ones would be 190cms ,200cms etc . British sizes for sideboards were mainly 5ft , 6ft , 6ft 6 , 7ft and even 8ft although there are some exceptions .

Finally and most importantly there is the matter of quality of manufacture . Bath Cabinet Makers made some nice mid-range pieces but their quality is not a patch on pieces by the quality Danish maker Mogens Kold . The techniques on BCM pieces are typically British , whereas MK pieces are obviously Danish . The detailing and finish on MK pieces is top notch and virtually every piece of their furniture either has their label or is stamped with their name , yet the so-called Mogens Kold sideboards and dressing tables that turn up on Ebay are never labelled , what a surprise !

We’ve told a few sellers on Ebay that this is not a Mogens Kold model , and most change their description . A couple have said that they listed them as just vintage teak sideboards only to get a message to tell them it was actually Danish by Mogens Kold . They’ve then made a Google search and sure enough up pops photos of this Bath Cabinet Makers piece . We followed up one link and found a number of pieces by British makers described as Danish or Italian when they obviously weren’t and G Plan Fresco pieces designed by Victor Wilkins as being by Ib Kofod Larsen .

We’re all hearing about FAKE NEWS , we want to stop FAKE ATTRIBUTIONS ! We’re not always right and are constantly learning and finding new information , so if you spot a mistake on either of our websites please let us know .

The photos show the so called ” Mogens Kold ” model and another BCM model as well as one of it illustrated in their 1968 catalogue .

Here is a link to a real Mogens Kold Sideboard on our Pure Imaginations website