We buy G Plan Housemaster chairs for re-upholstery

We buy G Plan Housemaster chairs for re-upholstery

These fabulous chairs were expensive when they were new in the early to mid 1970s , and were only available from c 1971 to c 1976 .

They were made either with teak veneer or the more expensive model with rosewood veneers . Although they’re extremely comfortably the original foam cushions and upholstery will not meet the UK 1988 Fire Regulations , so even if the original upholstery is still in ok condition after some 40 years , it should be totally replaced .

We think the original cushions were rather heavy and spoilt the look of the chairs , which look stunning from the back , but rather bulky from the front . We think that thinner new feather and foam mix cushions are even more comfortable , but also look a lot smarter . Our upholsterer has re-done one in black leather which we sold , and is now working on a design for an even sleeker version .

We’re looking to buy more of these lovely chairs , and as we’re going to re-upholster them we don’t mind how worn or dirty the cushions are . We have seen some chairs where there is some bad chips to the teak or rosewood , which is going to be hard to restore , and others where there is bad pitting to the chrome , and these we avoid buying . So if you’ve got one that you’re looking to sell do let us know . One lady called us a few days before writing this blog , and we’ve had our offer accepted for a pair of teak ones that we’ll be collecting in Nottingham .

We’ve bought other ones at auction and on Ebay , but by coming to us direct you’ll save on auction or Ebay fees .

We’re also looking to buy certain sofas and chairs by Greaves + Thomas , Toothill , Gimson + Slater and Guy Rogers all for re-upholstery .