We buy vintage McIntosh + G Plan sideboards

We try to stock a large selection of 1960s and 1970s vintage long low sideboards by makers such as G Plan , McIntosh , Younger , White + Newton , Nathan , Jentique , Greaves + Thomas , Wrighton , Dalescraft as well as some Danish and other Scandinavian ones . At any one time we usually have some 40-60 in vintage and restored condition .

Some we sell to UK private buyers in cleaned and re-polished condition , others we sell to European dealers either individually or in bulk . We have regular buyers in Europe some looking for pieces in vintage condition , others that have been restored . From time to time we have filled containers to Japan and China , and then some 25 or 30 sideboards will go out along with coffee tables , dining tables , dining chairs ,dressing tables , chests of drawers , mirrors etc etc .

In the 60s and 70s the 2 largest mid-market quality makers of sideboards and dining sets were G Plan and McIntosh , and many people will recognise those names , and if you look on Ebay many pieces will have those names linked to them even though they were made by others at the time .

G Plan made very few designs over some 20 years , whilst McIntosh made a few more different models . We look to buy any in teak by these makers whether they be the 7ft models ( sizes vary ) or the shorter 5ft ones .

Other good quality makers that we look out for include Younger , White + Newton , Dalescraft , Beithcraft , Austinsuite, Uniflex  as well as many others . Some cheaper makers such as Stonehill , and Beautility are less likely to be of interest . Some pieces aren’t labelled , often because some quality retailers as well as large groups of shops wouldn’t sell pieces with makers labels . We have an extensive knowledge of designs and makers , and a growing collection of vintage furniture catalogues .

We buy all over England , and sometimes also in Wales and Scotland and either use a courier to collect or often make up a delivery and collection run where we hope to collect as many pieces as we can . Some pieces we can find enough locally , but others we will travel a distance to pick up , particularly if there are other pieces we can buy at the same time . Always let us know where the piece is , and send us photos .

As well as sideboards , we also look to buy other pieces . Currently we find it easier to sell medium and large rectangular dining tables than the smaller circular ones or even larger oval ones . In the 1960s there were numerous people buying circular G Plan tables , usually with 4 chairs for small and medium sized dining rooms . Today fewer people have a dining room , and those that do tend to be looking for larger tables with often 8 or more chairs , so this tends to be where the main demand is .

We also look to buy teak chests of drawers , coffee tables , stools , bedside cabinets and  nests of tables along with other pieces like Ladderax . Other pieces we look out for are wood framed sofas and armchairs by companies like Guy Rogers , Toothill , Greaves and Thomas .

The photos show just some of the G Plan and McIntosh sideboards that we buy along with a chest of drawers by A Younger which would definitely be on our list of pieces we love to buy !