We buy A Younger + Dalescraft furniture

Dalescraft and A Younger produced some of the nicest quality British contemporary furniture from the late 1950s to the early 1970s . They were both a little more expensive when new than those by the larger and more widely known G Plan + McIntosh , so their pieces are not seen as often .

Both companies made many pieces that were sold through smaller up-market retailers who didn’t want to sell branded products , so their pieces aren’t always labelled . A Younger often placed their labels on the back of the back of a drawer , so it’s only seen when you take the top drawer completely out . Both Dalescraft and Younger rarely labelled any of their dining chairs .

Both firms although relatively small produced quite a large range of different sideboards between 1960 and c 1968 , far more than G Plan .

We’re always looking to buy Dalescraft pieces , particularly their sideboards , benches , coffee tables and bookcases . They also made nice dining tables , but rarely any really large ones . We’ve yet to see any bedroom furniture from Dalescraft , so if you have any we’d be very interested in seeing pieces . As yet we’ve never seen a Dalescraft catalogue , so again this is something we’d love to see .

We have a 1964 and a 1968 catalogue for A Younger , but find a lot of pieces aren’t illustrated in either . In 1968 Younger reduced their range considerably to enable them to keep prices down to suit a market where wealthier customers had less to spend due to high taxation under Harold Wilson’s Labour Government .

We are always on the look out for  most Younger teak and afromosia sideboards , chests of drawers , and rare pieces like the lovely benches they produced . As with many British makers in the 1960s , their dining chairs tend to be less stylish than those from Denmark and some can have structural problems which mean they don’t work so well for todays larger average diner ! Their dining tables are usually really nice , but not always large enough to command top prices , and as their legs are fixed they won’t fit into every house .

If you’re looking to sell any pieces by Dalescraft or A Younger please send us photos , and any details you have . We’re also looking to add to our catalogue archive so if you any brochures or receipts these could also be of interest to us .