We collect mid-century vintage furniture brochures

We collect mid-century vintage furniture brochures and catalogues . We now have a growing archive of original British brochures from the 1950s , 60s and 70s , as well as a few Danish ones . It’s part of the passion and interest that we have for the furniture of that era to collect the original sales literature for many of the pieces that we source . We think we probably now have one of the largest collections of such material outside such archives as the High Wycombe archive .

It’s a fantastic source of information and detail , and gives us some fascinating insights into the buying tastes of the British public of the time . Some makers like G Plan who were the largest of UK makers of contemporary furniture produced an amazing selection of stylish catalogues , others were much more modest and less ambitious .

As you’ll see we have quite a good selection of G Plan catalogues , some of which like the Danish Collection brochure from 1963 are really rare . We searched for a number of years to find a White + Newton catalogue and eventually got one when we bought the most spotless untouched  teak sideboard of its age that we’ve seen for a long time !

We’re desperately looking for any brochures for Dalescraft and Guy Rogers , so if anybody out there has any please let us know . We’re happy to pay for them , or even for copies of them . We’d also love to see any for Uniflex , Wrighton , Fyne Lady Furniture and Archie Shine .

We recently missed out on a Jentique catalogue which was part of a selection on Ebay , many of which we already had ! It’s obvious that some manufacturers felt it wasn’t necessary to produce catalogues , and perhaps this is because they sold through top end specialist retailers like Heals of London or Chapmans of Newcastle who didn’t want to sell branded pieces as they wanted to be seen as more exclusive .

We will be sharing information through various blogs we will be writing over time on individual British makers , some of whom like G Plan and McIntosh now have a worldwide appeal for buyers of Mid-Century furniture whilst others like Dalescraft , White + Newton , Uniflex , Austinsuite , Bath Cabinet Makers , A Younger and many others deserve to be better known.