1960s Austinsuite teak 6/8 seat dining table

1960s Austinsuite teak 6/8 seat dining table .

Austinsuite are best known for their bedroom furniture in which they specialised in the 1960s and 70s . However in the first half of the 1960s they also made some nice sideboards and dining tables like this one . We do see them from time to time , and this one came in well used condition along with a 7ft sideboard which we’ll be listing once its been cleaned and oiled .

There are still a few small marks visible to the top if you look very closely , but as the teak veneer has such an interesting and lovely  grain you do have to take a really good look to see them . We gave the table a light clean and the bulk of the marks that were there have been removed without too much work . There are no obvious scratches to the top .

As with the bulk of British teak dining tables the legs are fixed so measure carefully before buying .

A nice stylish good value table for those looking to seat 6 comfortably or 8 at a push .

Materials: teak

Price: SOLD

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