1960’s Danish Ege De Luxe Rya rug Vesuvius 160 cms x 95 cms

1960’s Danish Ege De Luxe Rya rug Vesuvius¬† 160 cms x 95 cms

In the 1960’s and onwards to the present Ege were Denmark’s largest and best known carpet manufacturers . They were one of the main producers of a Scandinavian mid-century speciality the Rya rug , although a few were also made in the UK also . The De Luxe range must have been a premium one as there are plenty of Ryas that are just labelled Ege .

Some were used as rugs , others as wall hangings . It’s in lovely clean vintage condition with no worn patches .

The pattern is Vesuv which we assume translates as Vesuvius and the colour way is 12 according to the label . It’s obviously meant to be a stylised vision of a volcano erupting .

Most Rya rugs have lost their labels so it’s nice to see the original surviving .


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