1960s Durlston brushed steel adjustable table mirror

1960s Durlston brushed steel adjustable table mirror

Durlston Designs made an array of stylish products in the 1960s , but they are best known for their adjustable table mirrors . They produced them in various sizes mostly in brushed steel or white coated metal , and there are a number of different models that you’ll see .

Designed by the little known Owen F Thomas they are sometimes wrongly described as being by the well known Robert Welch or on occasion in association with Welch . There is certainly no mention of Welch working for Durlston in his book Hand and Eye , so there is no proof of a Welch connection . Unfortunately all too often we find more famous names being incorrectly associated with designs to add value ! The item should stand on it’s own merit if like all Durlston pieces it’s well made and stylish and doesn’t need the addition of an extra name . A blog is on it’s way !!

We’re always looking out for Durlston mirrors and currently have another one we’re also listing which is a lot heavier than this one although the same size .

The mirror is 36cms in diameter . It’s in good vintage condition and can be sent as a medium sized parcel via Parcelforce .

Price: £145

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