1960s Guy Rogers of Liverpool New Yorker sofa for re-upholstery

1960s Guy Rogers of Liverpool New Yorker sofa for re-upholstery. RESERVED

The New Yorker is more sculptural and Scandinavian in style than their successful Manhattan range that is more commonly seen today . The Manhattan is the 1961 catalogue we have , but the New Yorker isn’t , although both are in the 1967 catalogue we have access to . The New Yorker was about 20% more expensive than the Manhattan range , and at the time that was considered to be a big price difference , but not today . We much prefer the New Yorker range and try to buy it whenever we can .

Guy Rogers mainly used a dark teak called afromosia in the 1960s for their sofas and chairs , as did one of their main rivals Toothill .

As it has separate box cushions it’s easy to re-upholster . After 50 something years the original webbing needs replacing and we’ll do this with Pirelli type as was the original . The original foam cushions never meet current British Fire Regulations , so we always replace these . We’ve had 2 of these in the last 2 or 3 years , and each was done with a different cushion shape , so we leave that to you to decide which you prefer . Our upholsterer needs 4.5 metres of standard width fabric ( around 135cms ) and can advise on fabric choice and colours etc . If you go to our www.pureimaginations.co.uk website you’ll see our recommended suppliers , and we can arrange for samples to be sent of various colours .

Its neither of the sofas in the photos , but one that we have recently sourced . The frame will be cleaned and polished , but it does have a bit of a knock to one arm which we’ll be repairing using a small patch . This will be reflected in our price and we’ll be uploading photos once the work has been done .

We also have a rare sofa-bed version of the New Yorker which isn’t shown in the 1967 catalogue . This will be going on the website in the next few days . Sofa beds were about 50% more expensive than the standard versions when new so they wouldn’t have sold many back in the day , and were perhaps a special order .

Price: SOLD

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