1960s McIntosh teak Dunvegan sideboard cleaned and re-polished

1960s McIntosh teak Dunvegan sideboard cleaned and re-polished by our in-house furniture restorer .

We sell a lot of these lovely sideboards in varying vintage condition , but as this one had such a lovely figuring to the doors we decided to completely clean it , and then give it a waxed polish . McIntosh unlike most of their competitors never used polyurethane varnishes , so they always had a lovely natural finish . However after 40-50 years they tend to need a light clean , and then if they’re given a wax polish they will shine again .

The Dunvegan was by far McIntosh’s most successful design , and they were made for some 20 years . After buying and selling well over a hundred of them in the last 6 years , we do spot a few which have much more attractive grain to the doors than others , and this is one of them . It now looks as it would have done when first bought in the 1960s . To keep your teak looking great we recommend a natural beeswax spray as it protects , and doesn’t gradually remove or degrade the polish which some spray polishes do unfortunately .

We’ve cleaned the doors as well as the top as we thought it was worth the extra investment . You’ll find some cheaper than this , and others more highly priced , but we think that this is as a nice a one as you’ll find , and it has been fully done which has meant an investment of around £200 + VAT in time and materials . They can be cleaned and oiled for less this ,  often without touching the doors , but to do properly by a trained restorer like the one we have used it takes a lot more work .

Have a look at our blogs on looking after your teak ,  and also on McIntosh , hopefully you’ll find them informative and interesting .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 201.5cms long , 75 high 45.5 deep

Price: SOLD

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