1960s vintage British teak sideboard by Wrighton

Smart 1960s vintage British teak sideboard by Wrighton . Wrighton were best known for being one of the first quality makers of fitted kitchens in the UK , but they also produced some lovely pieces like this one . About 5 years ago we had a chest of drawers by them with the same lovely design details of the recessed handles and the faceted corner pieces . Definitely a step up from the well known larger makers such as G Plan and McIntosh in quality . Wrighton pieces like this will date to the early 1960s and would not have been made in large numbers , so are not often seen on the market today . We rate them as being on a par with A Younger for design and quality , but much rarer .

We’ve cleaned and re-polished this piece as it had a few marks to the top when we found it . As it has a slightly raised sides and back it would be easy to have a glass top cut to protect the surface without taking away from the nice clean lines .

As yet we’ve not traced any known designer that this company used , but whoever they employed was definitely accomplished and deserves to be known . We’ve seen one or two of their kitchen catalogues from c 1960 for sale now and then , but have yet to find a furniture brochure .

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 198cms long 45deep 76.5 high

Price: SOLD

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