1970s Chrome + glass shelf units by Pieff

1970s Chrome and glass shelf units by Pieff.

These shelf units came in the 3 tier or 5 tier versions , and are always good quality . We currently have both sizes available , and can get another 3 tier one as Andrew has one at home ! The smaller one we have had for a short time , the tall one just in .

Both are in good vintage condition with no obvious pitting to the chrome . 2 of the smoked glass shelves to the 3 tier one are original , but one is a later replacement and not quite as thick . There are minor nibbles to some of the glass at the corners , but this is usual , and none are really obvious except on very close inspection . The 5 tier one has all original shelves , and amazingly none seem to have any damage to the corners !

These would not have been cheap when new as they’re nice and heavy unlike some tubular chrome pieces you’ll see from the 1960s and 1970s . In Newcastle Upon Tyne they were sold by Callers who were the most prominent furniture retailers at the time selling brands like G Plan . Situated on Northumberland Street which was then one of the most expensive shopping streets outside London for rental values their Christmas window was the one everybody had to go and see at the time , now it’s Fenwicks Department Store that is the one to look at !


5 TIER ONE £375 .

Materials: chrome, glass

Price: £275 + 375

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