Clean G Plan teak dining table c 1970

Clean G Plan teak dining table c 1970 . This design was made for many years from c 1964 to the late 70s and beyond . In 1974 this table would have cost £78 which allowing for inflation is over £850 today ! G Plan re-issued a similar design to this c 2000 , but the quality of teak and construction were nowhere near as good as the 60s and 70s originals , and yet were priced at around £800-£900 new .

We see lots of these tables , but usually they have heat or water marks to the tops , but this one is in fabulous vintage condition with no obvious marks or damage . As with 95% of British dining tables of this era the legs are glued and screwed , so can’t be removed safely , so be aware that it won’t fit through every door ( you need to have space to get 2 legs through then rotate round ! ) . In bright sunlight you will see some small scratches , but you have to expect some small signs of use on anything of this age .

122cms in diameter and the leaf adds 46cms , so it starts as a comfortable 4 seater and extends to take 6 .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 122cms diameter plus 46cm leaf

Price: £350

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