60s White and Newton rosewood dining table and chairs

60s White and Newton rosewood dining table and chairs.

Not labelled , but we’re 95% sure from the detailing on the table that this is a White and Newton design .
We’re selling this on behalf of a good customer who paid about 50% more than we’re currently asking .
A good practical table with 6 chairs by a good maker at a great value price . There has been some damage in the past which we have to emphasise , but the previous owners weren’t bothered by it and are only replacing it as they’d bought a teak set from us which more suited their lifestyle .

At some point before it was bought by our customer the table leaf had been damaged . Its been cleverly reversed and the mahogany grained to look like rosewood , and a small patch placed in the main table . This restoration has been taken into account in the current price .

Materials: Rosewood

Dimensions: length 163cm extending to 213cm. Width 91.5cm and height 71cm.

Price: SOLD

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