Arnt Sorheim Norwegian 1960s mid-century teak sideboard for the family firm of Broderne Sorheim. It’s been completely cleaned and re-polished as although it was in good condition it had been given a polyurethane varnish by it’s previous owner which made it look rather too shiny and didn’t suit the restrained clean lines of this beautifully made piece.

It’s only the 2nd Arnt Sorheim sideboard we’ve had for sale in 10 years, and you’ll not find many of his pieces for sale. We found a shorter version of this one that had been sold. The use of keys to open the doors of a sideboard is a feature that’s usually only seen on Norwegian sideboards, and very rarely on Danish or British mid-century ones. We don’t see much Norwegian cabinet furniture of the era in the UK, but when we do it’s always beautifully made and with good quality materials throughout. Good pieces like this would have been much more expensive than British pieces when sold new in the UK, and compared to top-end pieces seen today on the high street offer really good value. Compare with a standard British made Ercol sideboard made in vast numbers, and for a lot less you can have something that’s totally different from the run of the mill G Plan and McIntosh models.

With original keys

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 176cms long 44deep and 83.5high

Price: SOLD

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