Bath Cabinet Makers late 1960s teak ” Mogens Kold “sideboard

Bath Cabinet Makers late 1960s teak ” Mogens Kold ” sideboard

We’ve written a blog about how this model keeps appearing on Ebay and other sites described as being by Mogens Kold of Denmark . Firstly we’ve had it before with a Bath Cabinet Makers label on it , secondly it’s illustrated in their catalogue dating to c 1968 that we have in our collection . Thirdly although it’s nice enough quality , it’s not in the same league as Mogens Kold pieces and looks nothing like anything we’ve seen by them , which is virtually always either fully labelled or stamped somewhere .

Luckily for potential buyers nobody seems to be asking a Mogens Kold price for them , but we’re bewildered as to how the story first started .

If you’re wanting a well made British teak sideboard with a quirkiness to the design then it offers good value for money .

It’s been cleaned and oiled , but there are some small signs of wear . ITS NOT THE ONE IN THESE PHOTOS , BUT ANOTHER ONE .

It’s 198cms long ( 6ft 6 ” , so a typical British size , a Danish one would be 200 or 210cms usually )

Price: SOLD

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