Brown leather Danish swivel armchair and footstool

Brown leather Danish swivel armchair and footstool.

A really lovely version of a Danish leather swivel chair and matching footstool from the 1970’s. This chair is very similar to a lot that are described as Skipper chairs, designed by Svend Skipper it also has some characteristics and design features similar to ones by Thams, but without a label it is impossible to attribute to either. The quality and comfort is top notch, the leather which is textured in a rich brown colour is in good condition for its age with a few knocks and creases but no rips.

The footstool and chair are both on chrome bases and the swivel actions are in good working order.

Materials: leather, chrome

Dimensions: Height 98cm, width 90cm, depth 91cm. stool 66cm x 46, height 38cm.

Price: SOLD

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