Classic Vintage Danish Armchair Circa 1960

Classic, vintage Danish armchair circa 1960 for re upholstery. There are numerous variations of these Danish armchairs from the 1960’s. No matter how many we buy its virtually impossible to match them exactly but they all have similar styling. There must have been a large number of different small makers producing models of this style and they were sold mainly in Denmark where people rarely bought matching sets.

All of them have good quality frames and like this one the legs unscrew. They are well proportioned and worth having upholstered.

If you’d like a group of similar chairs upholstered to match we usually have 5 to 8 variations in stock, not all make it straight onto the website.

Our in house upholstery costs are around £250-£300 per armchair and need around 5 meter’s of fabric per chair. This will include using a fire-retardant barrier fabric under your fabric of choice.

Materials: Teak

Price: SOLD

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