Clean 1960s/70s Swedish Rya rug 150cms x 96cms

Clean 1960s/70s Swedish Rya rug 150cms x 96cms

Swedish Rya rugs are readily identifiable from their lovely knotted fringes and borders usually , not a feature found on Danish or the very rarely seen British mid-century Ryas . Probably nearly 90% of vintage Ryas were made in Denmark by large companies such as Ege . Swedish production was much smaller and less industrial .

This lovely rug has a nice deep pile with no real signs of wear and no obvious marks that we can see . Often these rugs were used as wall hangings so will not have seen much wear . Also they would have been fashionable for maybe only 10 to 20 years , so may then have been put away in an attic or spare bedroom , so when they survive many are like this one in nice condition .

Price: £195

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