Clean 60s/70s Ladderax 3 bay bookcase with white ladders 185cms wide

Clean 60s/70s Ladderax 3 bay bookcase with white ladders 185cms wide

Of standard height of 201 cms this lovely Ladderax 3 bay bookcase is in great vintage condition with only minor signs of wear . The Ladderax bookcases have shallower ladders than the standard systems and only come with the one depth of shelf which is 20 cms .

The central bay has standard width shelves of 89 cms , whereas the other 2 bays have unusually narrow shelves of 43 cms in width . We’ve set it up symmetrically , but of course you could have the 2 narrow bays adjacent to the wide bay rather than flanking it if you prefer . We’ve also staggered the shelving , but there is no problem in having some or all at the same level .

The white metal ladders are in lovely condition  as are most of the shelves , but you must expect the odd scratch and knock after some 40 or 50 years of use .

We do have 2 more bracing bars which will hardly be seen when it’s loaded with books . You usually only find these bars with the bookcases as they add the stability that is normally added by cupboards . You can go further and screw the ladders to the wall , but this isn’t really necessary . We also have 3 more of the narrow shelves if you wanted extra ones , and usually have standard 89 cm ones in stock .


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