Cute Re-purposed G Plan teak side cabinet 127cms

Cute Re-purposed G Plan teak side cabinet 127cms

The caned teak cabinet is the top section from a rarely seen G Plan teak highboard that was only made for a year or two c 1968 . The lower section has been adapted to create a mini sideboard . Our in-house restorer has created a new base and legs from some vintage teak that we salvaged . We have seen one other dealer creating a similar design , but without saying it’s been adapted !

There is a shortage of cabinets and sideboards that are less than 150cms in length and not a great demand for high sideboards . The adaptation takes a lot of work to achieve a good finish so that to the untrained eye it does look to be an original late 1960s design . G Plan never skimped on their finish so that the top of this piece looks as if it had always been intended to be seen even though it wasn’t .

Price: £675

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