Dalescraft 1960s teak extending circular dining table with 2 leaves and removeable legs

Dalescraft 1960s teak extending dining table with 2 leaves and removeable legs

Nice quality as you’d expect from the premium maker of Dalescraft . It would have been more expensive when new than similar tables by G Plan and other mid-market makers , and would only be retailed by up-market firms like Heals of London , Chapmans of Newcastle etc , whereas G Plan would have been found in a number of stores in cities like Newcastle .

It starts out as 120cms in diameter and each leaf adds a further 37cms . It came with 6 Dalescraft chairs ( not the ones shown here which are a Danish make ) , and you will seat 6 very comfortably . It may take 8 , but only at a push and we can’t say that it would be comfortable . The leaves fold up and store underneath the table when not in use .

The equivalent tables by G Plan , McIntosh etc all have glued and screwed legs whereas like many Dalescraft tables this has removeable legs , so its great for those who live in 1960s and 70s flats where access can be difficult , as well as some houses which have had later narrower double glazed doors fitted ! It’s the detailing that makes this one that much better than the cheaper makes , features like the oak extending bars and beautifully made grooves in the leaves along with really nice teak veneers . Most people will think that this and other Dalescraft pieces of the time were made using solid teak , but they are just veneers , but so well made that they look to be solid . You can’t see the join !

We’ve given it a light clean and then re-oiled it . There are no obvious ring or heat marks , or noticeable scratches . See our blog on caring teak furniture as well as on the firm of Dalescraft itself .

Price: SOLD

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