Dalescraft 6 seat 1960s teak dining table with removeable legs – fully cleaned

Dalescraft 6 seat 1960s teak dining table with removeable legs – fully cleaned

Not labelled , but then Dalescraft dining tables rarely are , it came to us with a matching sideboard and 4 chairs all fully labelled .

Dating to the early to mid 1960s when Dalescraft were one of the main British premium makers of contemporary furniture being retailed by Heals of London and top provincial retailers . Their pieces were always a step up in price and quality from their larger competitors like G Plan and McIntosh . Malcolm D Walker who ran the company also was their designer and was highly influenced by Scandinavian design . We’ve written a few blogs about them as we have tried to specialise in their pieces in the last 3 or 4 years , and reckon to have the largest stock of vintage Dalescraft in the UK .

A nice clean sleek design , like many Dalescraft tables this is only a 6 seat table . Also unusually for a British table at this time the legs are easily removed for ease of transport so it’s ideal for those many people with narrow doorways , staircases lifts etc ( apartment blocks )  .

It had been given a coat of dark varnish and was a little dirty when we got it , but like all Dalescraft pieces it was easy to clean to return it to it’s former glory . A finish of Danish oil was all it then needed , and in the future a rub over with a natural beeswax spray will keep it looking great for years . Dalescraft pieces were made using lovely teak veneers and were usually given a natural oiled finish which is so much nicer than the polyurethane finishes used by G Plan and others .

We currently have sets of 4 and 6 Dalescraft chairs available which will sit beautifully with the table , mainly the Moller style model which is shown in one of the photos . We also stock a number of lovely Dalescraft sideboards . Dining chairs can be re-upholstered in leather or fabric of your choice . We also have sets of chairs by other British and Scandinavian makers which will also sit well with this table .

Its 3ft wide ( 91.5cms ) and 6ft long ( 183cms )


Dimensions: 91.5cms wide 183cms long

Price: SOLD

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