Danish 1960’s teak gateleg table by Niels Koefoed / Kurt Ostervig

Danish 1960’s teak gateleg table by Niels Koefoed / Kurt Ostervig

This stunning design has for a number of years been described as being by Kurt Ostervig for Jason Mobler . We don’t know where this attribution came from but it’s now known to be by Niels Koefoed for his own family firm as it’s shown in one of their 1960’s catalogues . It’s a beautiful piece that came in either rosewood or teak and is more commonly found in our part of the world as about half of the ones that come for sale come from the Newcastle / Sunderland area !

If you’re looking for a really distinctive medium sized table that has style and impact this is the one to buy . We always say to buy on quality of design and manufacture not on a name as even Hand Wegner and Finn Juhl came up with some very ordinary pieces and some little known designers came up with the odd world class piece . It looks wonderful whether it’s fully open or closed .

It was bought new in Newcastle in around 1962/63 probably from a shop called Adrian Shares which specialised in Scandinavian furniture in the 1960’s and 70’s . It’s been fully cleaned and re-finished so there are no obvious marks or scratches , just the minor signs of wear that you have to expect on any piece if you look very closely .

It’s 73cms wide un-extended and 130cms long , then when open it goes to 200cms . Height is 72cms .

Price: £2250

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