Dining Table by H.W Klein for Brahmin

Dining table by H.W Klein for Brahmin.

H.W.Klein was a Norwegian born designer who trained with the great Finn Juhl . He’s best known for his designs in the 1960s for Brahmin which was the brand name for N.A.Jorgensen Mobelfabrik from the mid-60s until they closed in 1980 . Klein worked for them until then , before emigrating to the US .

This lovely table is stamped Jan 1970 , but is a typical 1960s piece . It was in need of a light clean before it was oiled as although it had been used many times over the years it had been carefully looked after . We bought it from the original owner who has recently downsized , and her memory was that it had been bought at Heals of London when she was living in Epsom . There are no marks or scratches , and after the clean the large single leaf is the same colour as the main table . When not needed it slots under the table top for easy storage . The legs like most Danish tables easily unscrew for moving or storing . It retains its original Brahmin sticky label which was designed in the mid 1960s .

A lovely pared back stylish design typical of Klein’s designs from the 1960s , with beautifully simple detailing which give it an elegance that many tables just don’t have whilst still being distinctive . We’ve seen it described as an 8/10 seater , but can’t see that it could ever seat 10 as 2 would have to sit at each end , which simply wouldn’t work . It’s a 6 seater without the leaf and 8 with it .It looks to be solid teak but sometimes tops are so well veneered that it’s hard to tell !

It’s photographed with the 6 Danish ” Moller ” style chairs with which it came along with 2 similar chairs by Dalescraft . We can make a set of 8 Dalescraft chairs with or without carvers if you’re looking for chairs to sit with it .

Materials: Teak

Dimensions: 134cm x 90cm or 194cm x 90cm extended. Height 70cm.

Price: £925

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