Early 1960’s A Younger French walnut Russell chest of drawers by John Herbert

Early 1960’s A Younger French walnut Russell chest of drawers by John Herbert

All A Younger furniture from the 1950’s and 1960’s prior to 1968 is lovely quality as they were aiming at the higher end of the market than firms like G Plan and McIntosh . This smart chest of drawers has been cleaned and oiled as it was a little faded after nearly 60 years of careful use . We also have the matching dressing table and wardrobe .

The Russell suite is in the 1964 catalogue we have but not the 1965 one . We guess it was introduced circa 1960-1962 to replace an earlier range with brass knob handles . The long integral handles give it a sleeker look than the previous ranges . As A Younger were aiming at a wealthier market their chests of drawers at this time are larger than most on the market at the time . It’s a piece that would look smart in a hall or living room .

A Younger used a lot of “French walnut ” veneers in the late 1950s’s and into the mid 1960’s . It has a lovely colour and unlike the heavily patterned walnuts that were used in the 1930’s through to the 1950’s by most British makers it has a quiet more minimalist feel that suits the simple lines well . If you look up French walnut it doesn’t actually exist as a wood as all European walnuts are the same species , so we think it was a term used by A Younger and a couple of other makers to distinguish it from the standard walnut veneers that were common at the time . We see a lot of pieces of French walnut described in auctions and on sites like Ebay described as being teak ! The colour maybe similar but the grain and finish isn’t .

As with much A Younger furniture the label is found only if you take the top drawer out , and it’s on the rear edge of the back . As a premium maker they were often only available through up-market London and provincial furniture shops who didn’t all like to sell branded products . One of the reasons why their catalogues are rarely seen .


Materials: Walnut

Dimensions: width 106.5cm / depth 45.5cm / height 91cm

Price: SOLD

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