Early 1960s British inlaid teak coffee table possibly by Everest

Early 1960s inlaid teak coffee table possibly by Everest . We found another of these smart coffee tables on Ebay listed as possibly by Everest who were a small quality British maker in the 1960s .It was priced at just under £395 which we thought to be rather high .

The inlaid circles of light wood are possibly sycamore and turn a nicely shaped table into something just that little bit more special . The teak has an unusually vibrant grain to it . When we got it , it had a few marks to the top . We’ve had it cleaned and polished . In a very strong light you may see a slight circular ring mark , but this doesn’t seem to be visible under normal domestic lighting .


Materials: inlaid teak

Dimensions: 121cms x 41 cms , ht 41cms

Price: SOLD

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