Early 1960s Dalescraft teak sideboard.  Dalescraft were a fairly small quality maker in the late 1950s and early 1960s. They were on par in the way of quality and styling with A Younger but were a smaller company working from Pudsey in Leeds
We’ve not had this lovely model for a while and it’s now been cleaned and re-polished so its now in top condition with no obvious.

We’ve recently found a couple of Dalescraft leaflets and this model is called The Haworth . It’s described as ” this model has the front and back veneered in Burma teak . The whole of the carcase is constructed in solid African teak ” . African teak is also known as afromosia and is darker than Asian teak and was only used as a solid wood as it wasn’t easy to use as a veneer . It was used by quality makers like Dalescraft , Younger and Fyne Ladye in the late 1950s and early 1960s before being replaced by the cheaper lighter teak as it will have been expensive . Later in the 1960s G Plan and others used it for drawer handles and detailing to give a darker contrast to the more golden teak veneers they used . Most Danish sideboards only have plywood backs , but Dalescraft and a couple of other quality makers veneered the backs at this date , which would have added to the production cost .

The sideboard is about 190cms long 79 high and 48cms at its deepest . We don’t have a date for the leaflet , but it was shown as costing £47 18 shillings . Inflation was fairly low at this point so prices around 1960-1962 wouldn’t have altered by much . A similar sized G Plan sideboard at the time was priced at £39 10 shillings so around 20% cheaper ! In around 1960 this was a big difference , but today it isn’t !

A particularly nice grain to this one and it has cleaned really well .

Materials: Teak / Afromosia

Price: £875

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