Early 1960s McIntosh teak and walnut sideboard , a rare model

Early 1960s McIntosh teak and walnut sideboard , a rare model that we’ve never had or even seen before . Bearing in mind that we’ve 300 or 400 McIntosh sideboards in the last 6 or 7 years , and seen far more than that in auctions and on Ebay it’s unusual now for us to come across a new design . We’ve also got 4 McIntosh catalogues from the 1960s and 70s , and it’s not shown in any of them .

Unlike G Plan and some other known British makers McIntosh and A Younger seemed to have tried out various designs that mustn’t have been put into long-term production . Some presumably because they didn’t prove popular with those all important people the retailers , other maybe because they were too expensive to make .

When we bought this , we thought it was teak veneered throughout , but when our restorer gave it a light clean we realised the door front’s were veneered in a type of walnut , which gives a little more variation in the grain and figuring than teak does . We’ve had a very few McIntosh standard models where the doors have been veneered in rosewood which gives a much obvious  colour contrast than this walnut , which is much more subtle difference  in colour as its very similar in tone to the teak of the rest  of the piece .

The other feature which isn’t very obvious in the photos is that the top surface is slightly concave in form with a very slight curve to it . A nice feature which along with the use of walnut on the doors would have added to the manufacturing costs at the time , and thus the ticket price in the shops . As with all McIntosh cabinet pieces from the 1960s the quality of manufacture is excellent , and of a standard that will only be found today on the most expensive pieces you’ll see for sale new , whereas at the time it was standard for mid-market makers like McIntosh . Also slightly unusual are the brass catches and interior fittings that are a step up from the usual ones found on McIntosh sideboards .

We’ve had it cleaned and re-polished so it’s looking at it’s best with no heat or water marks or unsightly scratches , just the minor signs of slight wear that you’ll have to expect after some 50 years of careful use .

Materials: teak and walnut veneers

Dimensions: 198cms long , 45 deep 79 high

Price: SOLD

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