Early 1960s McIntosh teak sideboard , a rare model coming soon

Early 1960s McIntosh teak  sideboard, a rare model coming in soon. The photos show the one we sold in 2017 . The actual one is currently awaiting cleaning and restoring but so are another dozen or more sideboards. If you want to see the actual one when it’s done we can move it up the queue.

Bearing in mind that we’ve 300 or 400 McIntosh sideboards in the last 6 or 7 years and seen far more than that in auctions and on Ebay it’s unusual now for us to come across a new design. We’ve  got 7 or 8 McIntosh catalogues from the 1960’s and 70’s and it’s not shown in any of them. It’s unlike any other McIntosh model that we’ve seen.

Unlike G Plan and some other known British makers McIntosh and A Younger seemed to have tried out various designs that mustn’t have been put into long-term production . In the 1960’s and early 1970’s they would often bring out a model that was introduced at exhibitions like the one held in Earls Court ,and this is probably one of these.  Some presumably because they didn’t prove popular with those all important people the retailers.

The  feature which isn’t very obvious in the photos is that the top surface is slightly concave in form with a very slight curve to it . A nice feature which along with the use of a nicely grained veneer  on the doors would have added to the manufacturing costs at the time and thus the ticket price in the shops. As with all McIntosh cabinet pieces from the 1960s the quality of manufacture is excellent , and of a standard that will only be found today on the most expensive pieces you’ll see for sale new , whereas at the time it was standard for mid-market makers like McIntosh . Also slightly unusual are the brass catches and interior fittings that are a step up from the usual ones found on McIntosh sideboards .


Materials: teak and walnut veneers

Dimensions: 198cms long , 45 deep 79 high

Price: SOLD

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