Early 1960s smart Meredew teak dining table

Early 1960s smart Meredew teak dining table

Meredew like McIntosh were one of the first British makers to use teak for contemporary styled dining suites. This lovely table and chairs was illustrated in a 1961 catalogue which was before their larger rivals G Plan used teak.

This is the larger and more expensive version of the dining table shown in the 1961 and 1962 catalogues. It has a lovely leg design which is really stylish and makes it a little different from the usual early 1960’s tables that you see from  a number of makers at the time. As with so many tables around the Mid Century period it seats 6 comfortably without its leaf and even more comfortably with the leaf in place. However, it wouldn’t really work with 8 or more chairs.

It’s been cleaned and oiled

The table extends to 188cms x 102cms. When new it would have cost £39 18shillings 6 pence , and was nearly double the price of the more standard smaller version ! This was at a time when 20% more usually was a big step up in price for people . It was also more expensive than the larger G Plan Danish range table that seats 8 which came out a couple of years later.

Materials: Teak

Price: £495

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