Early 1960s Wrighton small low teak sideboard 137cms

Early 1960s Wrighton small low teak sideboard

Wrighton seemed to have been a small quality furniture maker in the late 1950s and early 1960s , but at some point they started specialising in making kitchens . One of the pioneers of fitted kitchens Wrighton at some point in the early to mid 1960s must have abandoned the market for dining and bedroom furniture . Their pieces are rarely labelled , but this and another design that we’ve had show that they had a good designer as well as making nice quality unfitted furniture . We don’t see Wrighton furniture very often so if they were a large maker in the early 1960s the non-kitchen pieces must have been a small side-line to their main business .

This piece started life as a dressing table , but the mirror had already been disposed of when we bought it . We’ve had the matching tall chest of drawers a couple of times , and also the full sized dining room sideboard version . The projecting octagonal legs are a lovely feature which is something that only Wrighton seemed to have used , showing a good eye for detail as well being a sign of craftsmanship . As the top is recessed , it would be perfect for taking a loose glass top to protect the surface .

Its a lovely neat size and ideal for standing a large TV so it would work well in a modern interior . Its 137cms long , 64.5cms high and 46cms deep .

We’ve cleaned it and oiled it . Although there are no heat or water marks or obvious scratches you do have to expect to see some minor signs of wear after over 50 years of use

Price: SOLD

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