Frank Guille designed Austinsuite low teak double chest

Frank Guille designed Austinsuite low teak double chest

Frank Guille is probably best known for his stylish 1950s designs of kitchen cabinets for Kandya , along with his Program kitchen and bar stools . He probably came to the successful large London makers of Austinsuite circa 1960 . Austinsuite’s core business was bedroom furniture , and later in the 1960s they were one of the first companies in the UK to promote ranges of fitted wardrobes . They did produce some well made stylish teak dining sets , but in fairly small numbers as they don’t come up for sale that often compared to McIntosh and G Plan .

This double chest started out as a dressing chest , but today it would make a great TV stand or small sideboard as the proportions  are perfect for these uses , particularly as sideboard this small are really hard to find as few people bought any under 150cms .

The contrasting use of rosewood veneers to the handles looks really stylish against the teak veneers used on the drawers and carcase . It dates to circa 1962-67 , and is great size at only 125cms wide , 69cms high and 52cms deep . We’ve seen and had more standard chests of this design , but this is the first time we’ve seen this particular size and configuration .

When this one came to us it had a typical 1960s high gloss finish . Unfortunately over the years people forget the original care instructions which say not to use furniture sprays , as gradually they erode the finish particularly on the tops and drawer fronts . We’ve had our restorer remove the varnish from the top and front replacing with a clean matt finish . We recommend that you use natural beeswax non-silicon sprays which will keep pieces like this looking good ,as long as you don’t put hot cups or spill liquids on them , and if you do immediately wipe off all . As the sides were fine we’ve just given them a wipe and a light clean .


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