Fyne Ladye Furniture afromosia desk by Richard Hornby

Fyne Ladye Furniture afromosia desk by Richard Hornby

This is a model we’ve never seen or had before. We’ve looked online and there are no other ones illustrated. It will date to the early 1960’s.

It’s solid afromosia which is a dark teak that was used by a few top quality British makers in the early 1960’s. The more golden orange teak was virtually only used for cabinet making as a veneer but afromosia could only be used as a solid wood, so soon became too expensive.

It started life as a dressing table and we do still have the mirror. But we find that mostly people are looking to buy pieces like this for use as a shallow desk. Richard Hornby designed most Fyne Ladye Furniture in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s using other designers occasionally. However he was known for his minimalist sleek designs so we think it is most probably by him.

It’s been lightly cleaned and oiled and looks really smart and is now in lovely condition. All Fyne Ladye furniture is beautifully made with nice simple detailing. This one has lovely internal fittings to some of the drawers which would be ideal for holding pens and various stationary.

We’ve shown it with a stool but it does work with a standard chair. We have other photos which show it with a dining chair and others showing further details of this lovely piece.

Its 160cms wide and 72cms high . It’s deeper than most dressing tables at 51cms so it’s an ideal size for a desk . The kneehole is also wider than most at 73cms , and is 61cms in height giving plenty of legroom .



Materials: Afromosia

Dimensions: 160cm's x 51cm's, height 72cm's

Price: £675 RESERVED

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