G Plan 1960s teak Brasilia dining table and 6 chairs

G Plan 1960s teak Brasilia dining table and 6 chairs

This table and chairs was introduced by G Plan circa 1964 , and the table was only shown in their catalogues until 1968 whereas the chairs were still shown for another couple of years . We’re currently showing the set in vintage condition , but they do need a clean and some TLC , but there are no obvious bad scratches or ring marks . The chairs are solid , and just need the seat pads re-upholstered ( our upholster will charge £90 plus fabric ) . We can clean and oil the table and chairs for an extra £240 . The chairs when new cost £10 10 shillings each , and the table £32 15 shillings ! You can multiply by just 20 times to adjust for inflation over the last 55 years , so even once restored this lovely set offers great value .

The table is 148cms x 89cms un-extended and the leaf which stores underneath adds a further 46cms .

G Plan employed Ib Kofod Larsen in about 1962 to design an up-market range for them and the design of this lovely table shows his influence in the pierced design to the apron . We’re always surprised how few people bought this table back in the day as it’s far smarter than the G Plan circular and oblong tables they also were selling , but these were around 30% cheaper which may not seem much today , but back then it did make a big difference to people .

It is a 6 seater whether extended or not as were many British tables of the time . The Brasilia chairs are extremely comfortable and we think they’re also very stylish and yet aren’t seen in great numbers . They were a little more expensive than other G Plan dining chairs other than those from the Danish range .

Price: SOLD

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