G Plan 1960s vintage Quadrille teak chest of drawers

G Plan 1960s vintage Quadrille teak chest of drawers . It’s been cleaned and re-polished as it was looking a little tired after some 50 years use . There are no marks or damage , and after it’s re-polish it’s looking beautiful again .

The Quadrille range was introduced c 1964 , and was gradually replaced by the better known Fresco range from c 1968 . Fresco was produced for some 15 years , so you’ll see it much more frequently . We think the Quadrille pieces are much more stylish and interesting than Fresco .

The raised handles are veneered in rosewood , but it’s rare to see a very obvious rosewood grain . You will notice a darker contrasting colour to the handles however .

Apart from this and the Fresco 6 drawer chest you’ll struggle to find any 1960s chests that are as slim as those by G Plan . This makes them suitable for smaller properties where space is at a premium .

G Plan is known for it’s very consistent quality in the 1950s ,60s and 70s unlike some other British and Danish makers of the time . Over the years firms like Austinsuite , Nathan , A Younger and others reduced their quality in the late 60s and early 70s to keep prices down , as did many Danish makers . G Plan never compromised and kept the standard of veneers , and construction detailing like drawer dovetails to a high level .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 115.5cms high 50 wide 46 deep

Price: SOLD

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