G Plan astro / spider table circa 1970 with new glass

G Plan astro/spider table circa 1970 with new glass

Launched in November 1970 as the ASTRO , this model is today usually known as the SPIDER , whereas the astro is the name given to the more standard circular and oval models introduced a year earlier and produced for much longer than this design . All were designed by Victor Bramwell Wilkins , but this model was over 50% more expensive than the oval ” astro ” and was presumably too expensive and taken out of production by 1974 . We’ve a number of vintage G Plan catalogues and have yet to see it illustrated in any . All this info is from the High Wycombe G Plan archive .

This lovely table was not in great condition when we bought it so we’ve cleaned and re-polished it , and replaced the badly scratched glass with new toughened glass which has been heat treated to current UK standards . New circular and oval glass is expensive to have cut to order , but luckily we paid a price that took this into account  so we could justify the cost of around £130 .

Unlike vintage ones you will see some differences in the colour of the solid teak now that it has been cleaned . We think it looks really nice like that , but realise that not everybody will .

Its 90cms in diameter and 40.5cms in height

Materials: Teak, Glass

Price: SOLD

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