G Plan Danish Design series teak dropleaf tables by Ib Kofod Larsen

G Plan Danish Design series teak dropleaf tables by Ib Kofod Larsen

The G Plan Danish Design range was introduced in 1962 and was only marketed for 3 or 4 years . It was a premium range which was never a great financial success as it was expensive to produce , but it did influence the G Plan in-house designers greatly . Today Ib Kofod Larsen’s name is attached to a number of G Plan pieces that were not actually by him !

These lovely tables don’t come up for sale very often , and we haven’t had any on the website for 4 or 5 years , then we manage to buy 2 within a few weeks of each other ! Each comfortably seats 4 and 6 at a push . If you have a large dining room that you want to use flexibly as a home office most of the time , then buying both would make a great option . Together you can easily seat 10 , and at a push 12 . When not in use as a dining table they make work stations/desks with the dropleaf against a wall , leaving space to use the rest of the room for kids to play or for a small home gym perhaps . If you’ve got a small dining room that needs to be used flexibly then 1 table is the answer . Stylish and practical unlike the standard dropleaf / gate-leg dining tables that you usually see . We couldn’t find any for sale in the UK when we made a Google search .

They’ve both been given a light clean and polish and are fairly close in colour so would work together if you wanted both of them . We have a set of 4 G Plan chairs from the Danish Design range that came with 1 of the tables that have been re-upholstered and are in lovely vintage condition , and we have another set that need more attention , so it is possible to create a set of 8 if required . The set of 4 is shown in a couple of the photos . We’ve also currently got a standard Danish range rectangular table in stock .

The tops are 127cms long and 46.5cms ( approx ) wide , and the leaf doubles the size to 93cms . The front legs pull out to support the full top giving a much sturdier table than the traditional dropleaf tables .

Price: £675 EACH

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