G Plan teak table and 6 chairs c 1970 designed by Victor B Wilkins

G Plan teak table and 6 chairs c 1970 designed by Victor B Wilkins

We find that these G Plan tables are either in fantastic condition or well used with lots of marks ! This one must have been covered for all its life as it’s as near spotless as you’ll find . The leaves have never been used and they’re so near in colour to the rest of the top that the only explanation we have is that it has been protected from wear and sunlight . It came with 4 chairs of the same model as these but the vinyl was torn and well used and the upholstery flat , but luckily we had a set of 6 from a different house that we could match up to make this lovely set .

Usually these circular tables only come with 4 chairs , but with the leaf in place it will seat 6 comfortably . If the table isn’t extended you can place the chairs elsewhere and bring them out for guests .

The table is the standard 4ft in diameter ( 122cms ) and the leaf adds 18″ (46cms ) . No obvious marks , scratches or uneven fading . The chairs with original black vinyl are all solid and in good vintage condition .

In 1968 when both the table and chairs came out the table would have cost you £36 10 shillings and the chairs £12 each . This in today’s terms allowing for inflation is around £2000 !

Price: SOLD

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