McIntosh mid 1960’s teak medium sized sideboard model Eden

McIntosh mid 1960’s teak medium sized sideboard model Eden

It’s been cleaned and oiled as it had a few shallow marks on it when it came in . There are no obvious marks or scratches , but like all vintage pieces you do have to expect some minor signs of wear after some 50 years of use if you look very closely .

When we first got one of these gorgeous sideboards in late 2018 we didn’t know the model name , but since then we’ve found it in a 1965 McIntosh catalogue that we managed to add to our catalogue collection . We were lucky to find another one in late 2020 which soon sold ,and now have hit lucky again as it’s much rarer than the standard models we see . All other McIntosh tables¬† were named after Scottish places large and small , and there is a ” leisure village ” of that name so that might be the link . This current one is slightly different from the last 2 we’ve had , it’s slightly taller and the handles although of same form are slightly differently positioned !

Unlike the standard Dunvegan , Moy and Dunfermline this and other models were often only made for a year or two . McIntosh stood at annual fairs in Earls Court and Manchester and liked to unveil a new model each year . It’s in the 1965 catalogue but not the 1966 one .

It’s 175.5cms in size so half-way between a Moy and a Dunvegan .


Price: £875

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