Great Austinsuite vintage teak sideboard bought new 1964

Great Austinsuite vintage teak sideboard bought new 1964 .

With 1 house-proud owner from new in 1964 all it needed was a very light clean and oil as there were no obvious marks or scratches . It had been beautifully looked after for over 50 years . The son of the previous owner had very carefully changed the  drop-down door so that it is now a hinged door like the others which is much more practical as we find the supports on drop down doors have a tendency to break . This is only obvious internally and was done some 30 years ago apparently .

We think this is the smartest of the Austinsuite sideboards with a lovely grain to the doors . The design is probably by Frank Guille who designed much of the Austinsuite range in the early 1960s . Frank Guille is best known for his stylish 1950s kitchen furniture and chairs for Kandya which are highly sought after today . His later designs for Austinsuite are less radical but show that he was a very practical talented designer who could adapt his style for a totally different market .

Austinsuite of London were a medium-large maker in the 1960s . They specialised more in bedroom furniture , but did make some nice sideboards also . The similarly sized McIntosh of Kirkcaldy did the reverse , being best known for dining pieces with only a little bedroom furniture . In quality terms Austinsuite are on par with McIntosh in the early to mid 60s , but are less well known so the prices of their pieces on the second-hand market  tend to be lower , so offer great value today . in the late 1960s the market for bedroom furniture became more competitive and we find that their later 60s and 70s pieces are not as nice a quality as the early to mid 60s ones .

Materials: teak

Dimensions: 213cms long 79.5high 47 deep

Price: SOLD

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