Guy Rogers Manhattan Recliner Chair

Guy Rogers Manhattan recliner chair. We have available 2 in teak for restoration and upholstery in a colour of your own choice.

They date to the early 60’s by one of the UK’s best makers of upholstered furniture of their day. A nice, simple  reclining mechanism allows the backs to drop back adjusting the sitting position. They were produced in both teak and afromosia a wood often referred to as dark teak.

The photos are of one stripped back before upholstery restoration and another in Afromosia which was upholstered in the customers own lovely green tweed fabric, the photos are for your reference only as they are sold.

The two teak ones available are £500 each fully restored and re upholstered in Abraham Moon Wool in a colour of your choice. They will have new foam cushions which will comply with fire regulations.

Samples of your chosen colours can be provided in advance.



Materials: Afromosia, teak

Dimensions: height 93cm, width 72cm, depth 85cm.

Price: £450 restored to order

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