H P Hansen Danish bowed teak 1960s sideboard , not Arne Vodder !

H P Hansen Danish bowed teak 1960s sideboard , not Arne Vodder !

Most of these sideboards appear on expensive sites described as by Arne Vodder , but we think this is unlikely as his many known sideboard designs seem to have all been made by Sibast . Arne Vodder was a top Danish designer and his name is regularly wrongly attributed to pieces unfortunately !!

A lovely heavy quality Danish sideboard by this good well known maker . It’s been cleaned and oiled and is now in lovely ready to go condition . As with all vintage pieces you do have to expect very small signs of use after over 50 years if you scrutinise it extremely closely , but then the same sometimes is true of brand new pieces on the High Street .

The curved front with it’s clean lines is an unusual feature , and would have meant it was more expensive when new . Hidden behind the door fronts with their beautifully sculptured handles¬† are typical internal drawers for cutlery , linen etc . The drawers have good dovetails to front and back .

It’s 200cms long , 79cms high , and 51cms at its deepest . As with many Danish sideboards the legs unscrew .

Price: SOLD

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