Large 1960s Danish rya rug 305cms x 196cms

Large 1960s Danish rya rug 305cms x 196cms

A nice Vortex design and in good vintage condition with no obvious worn patches or any marks that we can see . Occasionally we find original makers labels , but they have usually come off over the years . 90% of vintage rya rugs were made in Denmark , but some were also made in Sweden and very occasionally in the UK . This one was bought in the UK , but looks like others we have bought over the years in Denmark .

It’s unusual to find rugs that are over 2 metres in length , so this one is a really good size with a typical late 1960s pattern and colour combination .

NB We have another one of these of virtually identical pattern and slightly different colouring , but it does need cleaning before putting on the site , so there is a possibility of having a near pair .

Price: £350

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