Large vintage Ladderax wall systems made up to order

Large vintage Ladderax wall systems made up to order

This system would be priced at £1750 for all the wall pieces and excludes the chair and other accessories.

Every time we put together a system we spend a while working out what we want , as well as assembling and putting the design into practice . We can vary and add components and can come up with a price. If the price is agreed we will then assemble and photograph it for you if necessary.

At present we’re not able to sell individual parts and ladders except possibly for sliding door cabinets. Deep shelves, chests of drawers and metal ladders can’t be sold separately as we need all we have to make up full systems.

Black ladders and white ladders are available in vintage condition and fully refurbished black ladders are also available. As the teak pieces may come from various systems there may be some difference in colour but we will match them as much as possible. There are always some scratches and minor damage on every Ladderax system we find with extremely rare exceptions. We will show or mention any obvious damage. It is possible to clean and restore pieces but it takes a lot of time to do a full set so may be quite expensive.

If you would like more info about Ladderax then please read our ‘Buyer guide to Ladderax‘ BLOG – Click Here

Price: SOLD

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