Late 1950s Alfred Cox walnut chest of drawers re-polished

Late 1950s Alfred Cox walnut chest of drawers re-polished

This beautiful stylish British chest of drawers isn’t labelled but the design of the handle and the legs is typical of his pieces . We’ve found labelled pieces with the identical handle . Not much is known about this small company who were apparently founded in 1956 . The few pieces we see by him are all from the late 1950s or very early 1960s and presumably Alfred designed his own products which always have recognisable features . One seller claims that Alfred Cox pieces were sold exclusively through Heals of London , but this is said about a number of top quality contemporary British makers and we suspect that some high end provincial shops like Chapmans of Newcastle will have sold Alfred Cox pieces . Anyway they are not found in great numbers , and when labelled will often go unrecognised as the mark is an AC monogram .

When we bought it , it was looking a little tired and faded after nearly 60 years of use , but a good clean and re-polish has returned it to its original glory . All the drawers are clean and move easily . As you’d expect the manufacturing quality is top notch , and it’s been veneered in a lovely silky walnut . There is a great deal of wastage with walnut when only the choicest veneers are chosen . Cheap walnut veneers from the 1930s and 50s were cheap , but the veneers used for high-end pieces like tgis were not .

It’s a nice useful size at 99cms high 85cms wide and 44cms deep

Price: SOLD

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