Late 1950s G Plan Italian style hall/writing/console table

Late 1950s G Plan Italian style hall/writing/console table

Very few British makers made hall/console tables in the 1950s /1960s and 1970s . This design dates to the late 1950s and would be made until 1962/3 . After this the next similar sized piece was for the Fresco range in the late 1960s . Other than this the only other makers to produce  tables like this were Archie Shine and A Younger . There didn’t seem to be much demand at the time so not many such pieces were bought , but today they’re very popular . British people rarely bought small desks at the time , but some did buy serving tables to match dining tables .

G Plan produced an extensive range of pieces in this Italian style in a wood called tola with ebonised legs and detailing and small brass caps . One piece was a room divider /bookcase which they called a Librenza , and today many people wrongly call the whole range ” Librenza ” . As with all G Plan the quality is really good even though they were a middle market maker . Today you can only find this degree of quality from expensive top end companies . In 1959 this piece would have cost you £19 19shillings , which is the equivalent of about £460 now according to the online inflation calculator . We were going to price it at £475 , but thought it appropriate to match the original price ! Most Mid-Century vintage pieces sold in the UK today cost less than they would have back in the day allowing for inflation ( very high from late 1960s to mid 1980s ) , so it shows the rarity of this piece to price it at so near the equivalent original price in real terms .

It was in good vintage condition when we found it , so all it needed was a light clean and oil to make it look virtually as  new as it would have done when new 60 years ago . However if you look really closely you have to expect minor signs of wear . The drawers run smoothly and all the small brass caps are present and correct .

It was described in the original catalogues as a console or hall table . It’s 119cms wide 69cms high and 51cms deep .

Late 1950s G Plan Italian style hall/writing/console table


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