Late 1950s Jaqueline Groag design Formica kitchen table

Late 1950s Jaqueline Groag design Formica kitchen table

Jaqueline Groag was a successful textile designer who also designed a few successful patterns for Formica which were popular in the late 1950s and early 1960s for use on coffee tables and kitchen tables like this one . This one has one of her most successful designs and is known as Cityscape .

The table itself may have been made by Kandya who specialised in stylish expensive free-standing kitchen cabinets at the time , often designed by Frank Guille .

The table is in good vintage condition , but there are a few scratches to the Formica if you look very closely . Formica at this time was much thicker than it is today , so is very tough , and as this table is heavily patterned the scratches are not very obvious and won’t show up in photos . The metal frame is in good condition . The Formica is fixed to a nice quality thick laminated plywood top with shaped edge .

It will seat 4 , and is 89cms x 60cms

Price: £195 ON HOLD

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